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Our key to success is an uncompromising combination of high quality design, strong professional standards and individual approach to each customer. We appreciate your time and needs, that’s why we guarantee you timely and astonishing results. Your recommendation and warm feedback is our best advertisement.

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Ecommerce Analysis


Ecommerce Analysis extension is essential for website owners. If you don't know who did what in your Magento code, Database, and Server, just install this extension and you will get information about your Magento instance. You can check if the server settings are optimal enough. You can get information about modules you installed (what core functionality they overwrite). You can make sure that changes in your Magento are made with the best practices and none of your core files were changed. You can see if there are any additional tables created in your database or if core tables were changed. To get this information you don't need to have any programming skills. Just install the extension, find it in the top of your admin panel an run it.

Here is a list of reports you will get:
  • Magento recommended settings
  • Server recommended settings (important for performance analysis)
  • Database settings (database performance)
  • Analysis of Magento core code(it is important to keep your core clean)
  • Analysis of database(important for code analysis and planing your upgrades)
  • Magento extensions analysis, which extension overwrites what (important for code analysis and planing your upgrades)
  • Cache information (important for performance analysis)
How to Download extension?

You can visit our Magento Marketplace page or click here to get the file.

Authy SMS Verification


Authy SMS Verification module allowing you to verify your customers by phone number they provide. During registration customer would be required to provide his/her phone number and verify it by submitting a code from SMS. It will allow you to effectively stop any spams and bots on your website. Module requires account with Authy (from Twilio) service.

What you will get:
  • Verify customers by phone number
  • Effectively stop any spams and bots on your website
Additional feature:

Magento will use your customer verificated phone number for a shipping and billing addresses if "Enable custom phone for address" is Disable. For status -Enable Default Magento logic will be used.

How to Download extension?

You can visit our Magento Marketplace page or click here to get the file.

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